Building character and leadership, practicing teamwork, and having a great time are just a few of the many benefits of joining Addison Cowboys Cheer.  This year promises to bring exceptional skill building and an entire season of fun as we cheer on the Cowboys and compete with other Cheer teams in the region! 



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Registration is online at: (<------Click on LINK)

You may also register in person using a paper form and using a check or cash.  Please email Beth Jarosy @ for more information. 

Cost: Cheer is $175.00 if you register Super Bowl Weekend February 4, 2018, after this date, fee increases to $190.00.

*additional cheer fund

What ages can cheer? We accept kids from ages 5-14 and who are in grades K-8th

When does the season start? End? Our season begins at the end of July (July 23, 2018) and goes through December (based on play-offs and Nationals).*vacations/extended weekends should be limited during the cowboy season*


Practices start July 23, teams will practice 4 days a week until school starts then drop to 2-3 times a week as put out by your coach.

Participation Requirements:

Volunteering: All families are required to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours, per child, per season in the concessions area during home games. 

Coaching: If interested in becoming a coach before the season starts, contact Beth Jarosy@  If interested in supporting the team or Coach during the season, contact your Head Coach. 

Every adult on our rosters must become a Rec Club Member, ($25.00)
Every adult on our rosters must complete a background check (included in rec club fee)
Every adult on our rosters much complete a Cheer Certification ($15.00)

I have a teenager who wants to Jr. Coach, what are the requirements?

Junior Coaches must be in high School.
Jr. Coaches have to complete Cheer Certification Course ($15.00). 
Our Jr. Coaches work with the head coaches in teaching cheers, stunts, and putting together the competition team.
If you know a teen interested, please contact the Cheer Director, Beth Jarosy at


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