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Addison Rec Club Evolves

By Board, 02/11/20, 9:15PM CST



The Addison Rec Club has been in existence for many years and provided a great experience for the kids and families of Addison. We wanted to share some exciting changes. Each sport (Football/Cheer, Basketball and Baseball) will now run as its own Program. Meaning the Addison Rec Club will no longer exist. There will be a board responsible for running each respected sport going forward. As well each respected sport will have meetings that will be open to the public.

The reason why the decision was made was due to low turnouts across the board. When people did show up for a meeting, the feedback was over whelming that volunteers only want to be a part of their own sport. A lot of the successful programs outside of Addison shared that having their own program for each sport is leading to a lot of success for the community.

Here are the President of each respected sports.

- Baseball: Michael Clementi (847-343-1459
- Football/Cheer: Dino Cardone (312-860-9170)
- Basketball: Luis Rodriguez (630-742-9097)

Please be on the lookout for upcoming meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the folks mentioned above.

Have a great day everyone!